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Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth Series

Out of a couple of dozens books Terry Goodkind manufactured in the Sword of Truth series, I am currently on the eighth one. You see, I finally decided to fill the gap in my education and cover that New York Times bestseller. If you want the summary, it’s the first words of the Wizard’s First Rule: “People Are Stupid.” You will find there personages, you can feel for, but you won’t find any, you would like and who are not stupid. And I feel you have to comply with the rule to read it as far as I did.

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Disclaimer: mostly really obsolete.

Interests: IT & software development theory and practice, machine learning, knowledge economy, macroeconomics, stock and currency market models, knowledge production management, socioeconomics, memetics, cognitive psychology & technologies.

Hobbies: evolutionary marxism and materialistic theism, writing fiction.

Pirate’s Grandma

I never thought that this children's song contains so much management wisdom...

Wind fills the sails of brigantine,
Like in an old adage,
And pirate’s grandma’s sending off
Grandson to brigandage.

She packed brass knuckles and a knife,
And bag for loot and gold,
And then, of course, toothpaste and soap,
And fresh eye-patch in fold.

“My little pirate, dear child,
Our breadwinner,
Don’t board ships in vain,
Never skip your dinner.

Otter-ly magic

The hall was not very large, somewhat less than a gym. Palms in redwood barrels decorated with precious gems alternated with clear columns filled with bubbles and exotic fish. At the far corner of the basketball-field-size table two old men were speaking.



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